Episode 10 - "There Are Consequences to Your Actions"

The Atlantic's McKay Coppins on The Death of a Prophet


Findings from Church Clarity's analysis of the 100 largest churches in the U.S.


Recent allegations of sexual abuse regarding Andy Savage, founder and teaching pastor at Highpoint Church in Memphis. 


Highpoint's treatment of the allegations in January 7, 2018 service, including the infamous "Who are we to throw stones?" response.


Amy's tv recommendation, the Israeli thriller "Fauda" (available on Netflix)


Nish's music recommendations: Justin Timberlake, Filthy, and Matt Hires, American Wilderness


And for anyone who hasn't seen it, a sample from the Fabulous, Very 80s, Amy Grant Christmas Special

Episode 7 - "Religious freedom for thee? Or religious freedom just for me?"

Episode 6 - "The President of the United States is promoting a big conspiracy theory."

The definitive book on conflicts over Christmas, Christmas in the Crosshairs: Two thousand years of denouncing and defending the world's most celebrated holiday:



Proposed tax bill takes on the Johnson Amendment:



The Federalist argues that it's justified to vote for a morally-questionable politician:



Amy proposes stripping secular trimmings from our Christmas celebrations:



Chance the Rapper sings "Jingle Barack" on SNL:



Michelle Obama and Prince Harry's friendship makes us happy:


Episode 05 - "I'm sorry, America."

Episode 04 - "This is a sickness."

This week, after the mass shooting in Sutherland Springs, TX that saw the deaths of 26 people, we spend the entire hour dissecting the link between white conservative evangelicals and the support of gun rights and gun proliferation. 

We break down the impact of a fear-driven conservative media, a well-funded gun lobby that influences politicians, the theological connections, and the cost to both society and the soul of the church. 

Nish finally cussed. It was worth it. 


AR-15: The Gun Behind So Many Mass Shootings


What Explains U.S. Mass Shootings? International Comparisons Suggest an Answer


God and Guns: Faith Leaders Address Gun Violence

2016 workshop at Riverside Church in New York


The Armor of Light

2014 Award-winning documentary about Rev. Rob Schenck, an evangelical minister who asks if it's possible to be both pro-life and pro-gun


A Sin Issue or a Gun Issue? Why evangelicals are deeply skeptical of gun-control laws.



Blessing While the World is Ending

by Jan Richardson


Look, the world 

is always ending




the sun has come

crashing down.



it has gone  

completely dark.



it has ended

with the gun

the knife

the fist.



it has ended

with the slammed door

the shattered hope.



it has ended

with the utter quiet

that follows the news

from the phone

the television

the hospital room.



it has ended

with a tenderness

that will break

your heart.


But, listen,

this blessing means

to be anything

but morose.

It has not come

to cause despair.


Because there is nothing

a blessing

is better suited for

than an ending,

nothing that cries out more

for a blessing

than when a world

is falling apart.


This blessing

will not fix you

will not mend you

will not give you

false comfort;

it will not talk to you

about one door opening

when another one closes.


It will simply

sit itself beside you

among the shards

and gently turn your face

toward the direction

from which the light

will come,

gathering itself

about you

as the world begins


Episode 03 - "Go Go Gadget Treason Detector"

We break down the implications of the first indictments in Robert Mueller’s investigation, including the response from some of Trump’s evangelical advisers. To mark the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, we also dive into the state of the divorce between Protestants and Catholics and how that dynamic is affecting US politics.

Other topics include: Halloween culture, an update on Church Clarity, and how Ryan Reynolds is easy on the eyes. 



The Reformation is Over. Protestants won. So why are we still here?



How the prosperity gospel is sparking a major change in predominantly Catholic Brazil



Evangelicals and Catholics made their peace. Catholics are paying the price.



Ryan Reynolds on Twitter



Church Clarity - Reformation 500 Project



Mueller’s First Indictments Send a Message to Trump



Episode 02 - "I'm so happy the bar is THAT low."

Hosts Note: We are currently working on finding a long-term solution to getting every episode transcribed for our deaf & hard of hearing followers. As soon as that's available, we will post the text, or a link to the full transcript here in the show notes. We are working toward having that feature in place by Episode 3. 


Why is a popular interfaith website giving a disgraced misogynistic pastor a platform?



Taking Away Women’s Health Care Is Not “Pro-Life”



The Greatest 80's Movie that Ever Existed:


Stranger Things Season 2: To binge or not to binge?



Church Clarity's Website:



Data on drop in teen pregnancy and abortion rates:



American Journal of Public Health article on 25% drop in abortion rates between 2008-2014:



This Present Darkness, probably the most famous of Frank Peretti's spiritual warfare novels:



Jonathan Merritt on the Jeffress/Hannity conversation:



India Arie, Janelle Monae & Jill Scott singing "As":


Episode 01 - "Charismatics and bond villains"