Impolite Company is a weekly politics and religion podcast hosted by Nish Weiseth and Amy Sullivan. It's called Impolite Company because the rules of etiquette say that you’re not supposed to talk about either politics or religion in polite company—presumably because those two topics can get people a little riled. 

But if this is where being polite has gotten us, it’s clearly not working.

We want our listeners to better understand the intense beliefs, positions and feelings that move and divide us all. We’ll sit down with journalists, religious leaders, and political figures to talk through difficult issues. 
Like why white evangelicals voted for Donald Trump in greater numbers than they have for any other presidential candidate in history. 

Or why some of us believe healthcare is a human right while others think that if you get sick, it’s your own fault.

Our hope is to offer context, nuance, and depth to the most difficult issues we face today.